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Greybeard was formed in early 2022 and is comprised of serious rock and rollers with decades of combined experience in the music business from New York to Florida. Their main goal is to bring the live cover band experience to a new level with an uncompromising passion to entertain their audiences. With influences in rock, blues, metal, rockabilly and pop.. Greybeard performs rock music from all the classic glory years of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and into the 2000’s bringing generations of rock and rollers together for their common bond of loving and enjoying the greatest rock music of their lives. Greybeard has already begun hitting stages and clubs in East Tennessee with their energetic show and they’re ready to rock your venue. Calendar bookings are filling up fast, contact us at the info provided on our Contact page.

Rhythm / Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Drums, Backing Vocals
Backing Vocals, Harmonies
Lead Vocals & Keyboard

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Rick Anthony Richardello - Lead Vocals and Keyboard

Rick has been an accomplished professional musician most of his life. Originally from Adams, Massachusetts, He has been a Tennessee resident for 35+ years. He has been a singer/songwriter, a producer, recording engineer, and he proficiently plays 10 instruments and has put out 9 albums to date. The catalogue of tunes he has written, performed, and produced over the years is very impressive. He has also been the front man for several different groups over the years. With a very extensive musical legacy under his belt, and being the son of a professional musician, Rick is walking into the next chapter of his career - Greybeard. His beginnings with Greybeard started with a friendship with Lee Conley (previously in Plan of Action with Rick years ago) and Keith Rudder who he was introduced to in December of 2021. The three agreed it was time to think outside the box of cover bands, and Greybeard was born. What Rick brings to Greybeard is a vocal force to be reckoned with. It is a place where Soul meets Metal and Rock and Roll. Many singers try to bring the goods, but Rick delivers with a kick. With the range of vocal abilities he possesses, it makes Rick an exceptionally versatile performer and able to cover a wide range of genres, of which he absolutely delivers in Greybeard. The blend of musicianship within Greybeard is a perfect fit to Rick's vocal style he is looking forward to what the future holds. And most of all, he's having fun with it.


Robert Conley - Rhythm / Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

West Virginia boy meets guitar guru. While being raised by a musically gifted father, Lee Conley was inspired by bands ranging from Waylon to Metallica. It was there that he found his true love of guitar and learning how to hone his craft came from influences like Zakk Wilde, Stevie Wonder, Slash, Angus Young, and Jerry Cantrell. Lee joined the stage at the age of 16 and played with local rock and country bands like Triple X, Redwire & Deep South, in which he wrote two albums. Songwriting is one area he finds he absolutely loves. He then moved to Tennessee in the nineties and took a break from music to raise his family. During this time, he dabbled in semi-professional wrestling for several years. In 2010 Lee met vocalist Rick Richardello and joined Plan of Action. This forged a great relationship of music and friendship. Over the next eight years Lee played in C.A.B. and Sugadaddy as well. He then took a second break from music. When Lee and Keith met and started talking about how much they missed playing, they realized the stage called again. Lee introduced Rick & Keith and the rest (as they say) is history in the making. One thing you can always count on is for Lee to have a smile on his face and having fun when he is playing to the crowd!


Nick August - Bassist and Backing Vocals

Nick has been playing bass guitar since he was a teenager. His influences were Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath, John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and Motown legend James Jamerson. Nick has played in a number of bands over the years, most notably Cyclops a highly successful hair band of the 80's who toured with Twisted Sister. Cyclops released one album "Resurrection" that became an underground hit in the college radio station air waves. After 7 years with Cyclops, Nick hung up his bass guitar for a gun and badge and became a deputy sheriff in Florida for 30 years and is now retired from Law Enforcement. With spare time on his hands, Nick jumped back into the music scene when he found the newly forming GreyBeard. He's very excited about returning to the stage and reconnecting with new fans and maybe even some old ones.


Keith "Pirate" Rudder - Drums and Backing Vocals

No one can ever say musical genius does not run in the Rudder family! Between his father playing organ in a band and his Uncle Greg Rudder playing drums and being an audio engineer, Pirate had all the tools he needed to learn a craft that would carry on throughout his life/career. Born at a military base in Germany, Pirate put down roots in Tennessee at 18 months and has been local since, always being very active in the music scene. After buying his first full drum set at 17 years old, Pirate’s first gig (after being discovered playing in a garage) was in a blues/jazz lounge and he has been professionally playing ever since. While he has also been in country bands and an 80s band, his first tangible roots start with the band Crome Molly where he developed his character/persona “The Mad Pirate” or now “Pirate” as most locals know him. From Crome Molly he transitioned to becoming a founding member of Belfast 6 Pack and played for many years and shows with them. Pirate took a leave of absence from the music scene to focus on family life and a few years ago joined a newly formed cover band. The band didn’t progress as well as anticipated due to a variety of factors such as Covid and scheduling. During this time Pirate and guitarist Lee Conley became close friends and commiserated over wanting a band that was out of the box and fun. He then met with Lee & Rick Richardello and GreyBeard was born. Pirate is proud to have collaborated and recorded 6 albums. He has shared the stage with amazing bands like Texas Hippie Coalition, Tantric, Hed PE, Steel Panther, Bam Margera, Soil, Psycostick, One Eyed Doll, Saving Abel, Super Bob, Carlynn Devine, Natie Love Joys and more. When asked who his favorite drummer is – hands down it is his Uncle Greg. In his spare time, Pirate does custom exhaust work, raises a family, does fun co-drumming sessions with his wife, and heads out to nature. He is a hugely talented musician with humble and down to earth values. Most of all Pirate loves to bang on his drums and see the crowd have fun and sing along.


Amanda "Lady Paige" Watson - Backing Vocals and Harmonies

Born and raised in Lenoir City, Tennessee and grew up singing in the local church, Amanda Watson has had years of singing under her belt. While singing has always been her first love, she also did percussion and drum line in middle & high school. Around the middle of high school, Amanda started going to karaoke to sing. She won multiple contests and decided it was time to move further. She traveled to Los Angeles, California in 2003 to compete at the IMTA (International Model & Talent Association) Convention and placed in the top 10 for Female Solo Vocalist out of 1000+ competitors. While she enjoyed her time out west, she missed Tennessee and in 2003 tied the knot with her now husband and decided to start a family. During this time, Amanda continued to sing and won a recording session where she laid down tracks for her first album, “Paige 1”. The producer urged her to get more live band experience as well. She also auditioned for The Voice in Memphis, Tennessee in 2012. After reconnecting with Keith “Pirate” Rudder she was encouraged to join a local cover band that was starting up. While the experience was enriching, she hadn’t found the right fit and when GreyBeard indicated they were looking for a solid female backing vocal/harmonies person, Pirate encouraged her to audition. Amanda has always wanted to pursue singing at a professional level and she brings a whole other depth to the vocals in the band. She feels very blessed to be given this opportunity to make her dreams come true.


Brian Elkins - Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Born in the early 80’s in East Tennessee, Brian Elkins grew up surrounded by musicians in his family. Every family member played an instrument and Brian was no different when he started playing guitar at the age of 12. He caught on very quickly and is completely self-taught. The one instructor that was hired to teach him was told after the 3rd lesson that he should be paying Brian to teach him. Heavily influenced by Iron Maiden, Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Judas Priest and Megadeth he has forged a unique and kick ass sound. Brian played with Cold Shot for about 8 years and taught advanced music theory as well. He took a brief break from music to move out west and worked on a Pipeline to help support his family. In his off time you can find him doing leather craft, blacksmith work and wood working. Brian is excited to be back on stage and rocking out with all the GreyBeard fans!


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